Mr. P V Subhiah aged 60+ years old (born in 1950) has been practicing Vasthu Shastra since 1990. Initially he has been practicing on Numerology in the early period (i.e.) from 1978 till the middle of 1990. There afterwards he switched over to practice on Vasthu shastra as he realized that the remedy by Numerology was able to take care of only the individual where as the remedy by Vasthu Shastra is able to take care of the entire family members who ever continue to live / do business in the respective landed building.



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He realizes that with regard to remedy by numerology is that one ought to keep on strengthening the power of specific Numerical value by signing that favors one on daily basis. As one fails to strengthen the power the energy is drained out. Where as the remedy by Vasthu Shastra brings us the connectivity to happy life in an effortless way.


He wants us to understand the concept of Remedy by making the due correction by Vasthu Shastra. As we take an example of milk animal that is tied to a tree by a rope for grazing on a grass field, supposed to enjoy the feed to the fullest level around the tree. But in the course of time, as the animal goes about, if its grazing is blocked by any shrub, the grazing area becomes very much limited. Here the remedy that is suggested would act as a blockbuster and helps one to enjoy the deserving level (Kindly note that the length of the rope is a fixed one. It can never be lengthened further)

A vessel that continues to receive milk, having holes at different levels would leak out as being filled in.

Our Vasthu consultant Our Vasthu consultant Mr. P V Subhiah has rich experience in identifying defects and advising for corrections under such an order that user experience the improvements shortly.

Vasthu compliance in relation with Business Place

As we draw water from the well there are occasions where we don’t receive water to the fullest level of the bucket / pail in case if it has leakage through holes in the bucket. Here we ought to take the due measures to fill in the leakage and there by we get the maximum content. This is in relation to arresting the leakage of income at the work place / Business place.

Vasthu compliance in relation with place of residence / Dwelling

The water drawn from the well is normally stored in a storage tank. Any leakage in the storage tank would also give way for draining out the water. Likewise to accumulate the earnings from the business one (Proprietor / proprietress / Director of a firm) needs to make his / her living in a place of Residence being complied with Vasthu. It takes a minimum of Six months to experience the fruits after making out the needed corrections. Here again he illustrates this by a graph below.

Anybody living in / doing business (not being complied with Vasthu) starts realizing the demerits / set back gradually as one passes over a period of twelve years. But after having carried out the needed corrections it takes a minimum period of six months to experience the betterment. Regulating the energy rightly brings in good harmony / prosperity in the dwelling and working place.

The specialty / uniqueness with Mr. P V Subhiah is that he does not end up his job by offering his consultation to his clients but it is he by himself makes a follow-up in getting the feed back in a consistent manner then and there to ensure that his clients are benefited to the fullest level.

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